Handcrafted Skis in the Canadian Rockies

Every pair of our skis are handcrafted right here in Canmore, AB. It all starts with locally sourced hardwoods, specifically Maple and Poplar. We laminate various combinations of these hardwoods to develop lively and long-lasting cores for our skis. 

Once the hardwoods are laminated, we produce core blanks that are shaped and profiled to provide the desired sidecut and flex-pattern. 

Using various templates and jigs the cores start to take shape. Our sidewall material (UHMW-PE), must go through the same process of profiling as they are ultimately attached to the sides of the core. 

From here, the base material is cut out to match the geometry of the ski and hardened cold-rolled steel edges are attached. We have tip, tail, and effective edge segments of our edges, which are bent to match the radius of the tips and tails. 

Once all the materials and layers of the ski have been prepared it is time for it all to come together. Between each layer of the ski a thick coat of epoxy is applied which holds everything together. In total there are 8 layers of different materials within the ski and the layup process takes roughly 30 minutes to complete. 

Once the layup is completed the skis are placed in our pneumatic press, where they are heated to above 70 degC and left to cook for roughly 2hrs. 

From this point, all that is left to do is cut out the skis from all the excess materials and epoxy, give a stone grind, and hit the slopes! 

If you are interested in learning more about the process or want to see it first hand please stop by our shop Thursday February 2nd! We are hosting an open-house 6:00 - 9:00 PM, where we will be providing tours and offering some pizza and beer. 


Photographs kindly provided by Mikey Stevenson.