Spray Range Traverse : K-Country

Max and I headed out on the Smith-Dorien Hwy to the Burstall Pass trailhead, temperatures were sitting around -17 as we left the parking lot but the sun was out and we were moving quickly as we had a fair bit of elevation (1500-1600m) and distance to cover. 

Once we made our way into the flood plain below Burstal pass we headed North towards the Mt.Smuttwood/PigsBack Pass. The first half of the ascent was significantly faceted, with ski penetration varying between boot to knee deep. Once we got into the alpine we were faced with navigating wind-scoured slopes that were heavily wind and sun affected. Travel was quick on this terrain until we encountered steeper slopes leading up to the pass. We decided to boot-pack the last 100m.

Dropping down towards commonwealth creek we observed avalanche debris from a week old size 2.0-2.5 avalanche. The ski quality on the north facing aspect was not stellar, significantly wind affected. 


We then ascended super slope which was mildly more supportive, and dropping into one of the Tryste Lake chutes, which were heavily tracked out. 

We ascended further west from Tryste Lake and then up a North Facing slope to a Col that was adjacent to to Tent Ridge. Instead of descending down the drainage and then back up Tent Ridge we boot-packed West over a peak and then headed North over to Tent Ridge. Soon enough we headed down the north Shoulder of Tent Ridge back down to our drop-off car. 

Overall, conditions were pretty dire, lots of wind crusted snow in the alpine, and heavily faceted snow within treeline. With that said it was great getting out onto some interesting terrain and challenging our terrain evaluation and decision making.