Ski Builder Workshop

Ever wanted to build your own set of skis? Join us at our workshop to build your very own set!


What's Included

One set of handbuilt skis

One-on-One instruction from the co-founders of 93 North Skis

Safety equipment




Upon arrival at our factory, we will go through a tour of our facilities as well as an operation/safety demonstration of the equipment that will be used over the course of the day. The ski building process will be broken into two segments; material preparation and layup/pressing. Material preparation includes everything from core shaping to edge attachment and is where we will focus most of the day. The next phase, layup, is where we will be combining the ski materials between layers of resin. After the layup is complete we will place the skis into our pneumatic press for 2.5hrs.


After the skis have been pressed they will need to sit for 3 days as part of a post-cure process at which point we will have them cut out, stone-ground, waxed, and ready for pickup the following week!

Ski Workshop
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How long will the workshop take?

Workshops typically will run from 9am to 6pm

Can I take pictures/video?

Yes, absolutely!

What if I am not familiar with power tools?

Not to worry, we will ensure that you are properly trained to use all of our tools safely.

What if I make a mistake?

We have several quality control measures to minimise mistakes but if one does occur we will ensure that it is fixed.

Can I customise the stiffness of the skis?

Yes, we can modify the reinforcing layers of the skis to adjust the stiffness to your preference.

Can I use my own graphic?

Yes! We will need to co-ordinate ahead of time to ensure that your graphic is in the correct format so that we can provide the best printing results.