Our Mission

Skiing unites a unique and devoted group of individuals who go to great lengths for the sport that they love. Nothing compares to a perfect powder day with friends and family or the thrill of exploring a new backcountry area for the first time. At 93 North we bring that passion and drive to the design and construction of our skis.


Our Story

After university Sam and Max became great friends through a shared passion for the outdoors. While ski touring along the 93 North Highway,  they started to talk about designing skis. At first it did not seem realistic, but it wasn't long before 2300 lbs of steel was sitting on Sam's driveway, freshly picked out of a farmers field in Eastern Alberta. With some help from a few friends this eventually became a very sturdy ski press!

 Working demanding day jobs and spending weekends on this ambitious hobby was exciting but also draining. With each prototype, product quality improved dramatically and with a leap of faith, Sam and Max left their jobs to create 93 North Skis. 


Max Flowerday

DSC_1048 (2).jpg

Born in Calgary Alberta, Max grew up skiing in the Canadian Rockies. A graduate from Mechanical Engineering at Queen's University, he enrolled in the program with a goal to eventually  design and manufacture skis. Max lives for skiing and by co-founding 93 North skis, he aims to drive innovation in the sport which he holds closest to his heart. 

Sam McEwen

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Born and raised in Ontario, Sam grew up skiing around the same time he could walk. He earned a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Queen's University and moved to Calgary AB, shortly afterwards. While working at an engineering design firm he dreamed of creating a company that would make high quality skis through the collaboration of engineers, athletes, and artists. With the Canadian Rockies in his backyard it was only a matter of time until this dream became a reality.