"I will admit that I was a little nervous being given a pair of skis by a friend who had just started a ski manufacturing company. What if I didn't like them??

Well, I am twice lucky as I REALLY liked them. I used a pair of 184 cm Andromeda’s (104mm underfoot) for 10 days of cat skiing at K3 in the Monashees. Conditions ranged from almost too deep (50-70cm ski pen) to shallow pow, dust on crust, and some nasty hard windslab in generally cold December/January weather. I mounted a pair of Marker tour F12 bindings on them as I feel I need to be uphill mobile while cat skiing.

The skis were a delight from the word go. For their size they did well in the deep pow. They were excellent in the shallow pow. Skied the odd section of steepish cat track to get around and I loved them for the short radius turns on soft rough “grooming”. Finally they did as well as any ski could on the nasty windslab.

I found they were a bit slow in the -20 temperatures but a quick waxing and they were gliding away from everyone else.

They seem to be standing up well to all the banging around of loading and unloading while cat skiing and are a good looking stick.

I will certainly use them all winter and look forward to seeing what their next models look and ski like."

Larry Stanier

IFMGA Mountain Guide who has been skiing around 100 days year since 1979.

"Finding a ski that’s enjoyable and stable in all conditions is almost impossible and a task that ski manufacturers have struggled with for years, especially with the growing demand for a backcountry and groomer capable ski. So far I’ve experienced exactly that with this ski. From short days ski touring at Kootenay pass to icy skied out groomers at the resort and everything in-between, this ski feels powerful and in control. I’m excited for the opportunity to use these as my every day work ski and to see what’s comes next in the 93 North line Up!"

Tyson Rettie, CSGA and CAA Professional Member


I am not a pro skier, a guide, or even aspiring to be either, I am just an avid fan of getting out side for some turns every now and then. When I first heard about 93 north I was intrigued but skeptical as people are with any new products. After the better part of the season I can say that I have thoroughly testing this product on hard packed groomers, to off piece crud, to deep cat skiing powder and the Andromeda’s handle every one with ease.

Patrick Mulherin